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The following are some examples of my software development capabilities.
If anything catches your eye, feel free to drop me a line.

D|C Transport Broker App

The Broker App is a logistics SaaS that powers trucking brokerage operations. Integrations with Motor Carrier EDI, insurance registry, and accounting enable staff to vastly increase deal throughput, while making business critical decisions more rapidly, using better information. In coming phases, the Broker App is set to expand for multiple agents, facilitating business growth, while significantly reducing overhead costs.

ASP.NET Core Vue.js C# SQL Server EDI
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Bridge for Shopify to Acumatica

Bridge was my ambituous foray into creating enterprise software products. Bridge was a Shopify App that integrated e-commerce with ERP, with user experience at the forefront. Built as a multitenant SaaS, with the ability to balance accounting transactions to the penny, Bridge was, at that time, my greatest engineering feat. Alas, the product never took hold in the marketplace. The source code is here for your perusal.

Shopify Acumatica ASP.NET MVC SQL Server KnockoutJS
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ProfitWise Shopify App

ProfitWise was a Shopify App that enabled Shopify users to measure profitability before Shopify introduced cost of goods data. While its earnings were modest at best, ProfitWise ran LIVE for the 4 years with 99.9% uptime, unanimously earning 5-star ratings from its customer base.

Shopify ASP.NET MVC SQL Server KnockoutJS
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e-NABLE Web Central

e-NABLE is a non-profit that provides 3D printed prosthetics for children. Due to sudden organizational changes, e-NABLE was unable match prosthetic donors with recipients. In response, I lead development of a web application, e-NABLE Web Central, that allowed the critical matching process to continue.

ASP.NET MVC SQL Server KnockoutJS
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Chrome Extension for Jeffree Star Inc.

Meldor is a Chrome Extension that enables customer service reps to view and update data across multiple subsystems from a centralized panel. Meldor presents data from Shopify and Acumatica directly in the CSR's ticketing platform. Orders can be cancelled, return labels generated, addresses updated, etc.

Shopify Acumatica ASP.NET Core Javascript Chrome
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Before starting Logic Automated, I co-founded a successful e-commerce business from the ground up before exiting in 2019. During my time at 3D Universe, I developed the storefront on Shopify, managed and optimized paid traffic on Adwords, and built systems integrations.

Shopify Google Adwords Data Feeds Javascript C#
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