Experience, Craftsmanship, Results

My name is Aleksandr Jones and Logic Automated LLC is my one-person consulting shop. My forte is building web-based systems that enable organizations to achieve their objectives.

As a full-stack Microsoft .NET developer with many years of experience, I have done work for numerous companies, including: Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago, Redbox, AT&T, and Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

If you need help developing a new or existing cloud-based system, you are in the right place.

Full Stack Development

Moving business processes in the cloud

If you have envisioned a new SaaS app to manage your operations, and need a development resource to build it, I can help you.

If you have an old, legacy, line-of-business system that is ready to be rewritten for the cloud, again, I can help you.

Along with data entry, there's a good chance you need a system integration that keeps things running 24/7. A few of the many platforms I've created integrations for are: transportation EDI, e-commerce, accounting, real estate, online advertising.

Whatever connection your business needs, I can build it.

System Design Consulting

Helping you get the exact product you need

You can have the newest, shiniest, fastest-running system in the world. But, it's not worth the money you paid for it if it doesn't serve the needs of your business.

Along with coding, I bring the soft-skills needed to make sure the right system gets built for you. My services include helping you with: interviewing SME's, requirements definition, interface design, specification writing, evaluating technologies, system architecture, user acceptance testing.

My approach is informed by having been through the design process numerous times, across many different projects.

Technology Platforms & Tools

A system can only be as good as its constituent parts, and my technology preferences reflect this. I rely on a mixture of commercial and open source solutions that have a proven track record for performance, resilience, and developer productivity. This means that your systems cost less to build, cost less to run, and they have minimal down time.

That being said, I'm well aware that some customers will be constrained to a specific platform. I'm certainly willing to adapt, provided there's a reasonable match with my skillset.

Vue.js for interfaces

Vue.js enables developers to rapidly build sophisticated user interfaces that delight. Moreover, with a growing community of open source developers behind it, Vue.js continues to evolve with each release.

.NET Core in the cloud

Microsoft's .NET Core framework and tightly integrated toolset enables developers to achieve unparalleled productivity. I write the vast majority of my application server and batch process code in Microsoft's wonderful C#.

SQL Server for databases

Microsoft SQL Server has a proven track record for reliability and scalability, along with a solid toolset for managing it. Plus, Microsoft's Azure has attractive licensing options for cloud hosting.

Attention to detail inside & out

System maintenance should not cost more than development. My approach to coding prioritizes code quality and simplicity. Systems often become unnecessarily costly to manage due to codebases that are sloppy or poorly organized. As a rule, my disciplined coding practices enable me to deliver and enhance products far more rapidly.

Let's work together and make your next project a huge success.

With years of experience executing development projects from start to finish, I have the qualifications to help you achieve your business goals. I'm ready whenever you are to discuss your next project.